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Haseland Magnetschallplatten



Haseland Magnetschallplatten represents the independent music label from Osnabrück, Germany launched in 2008.

Haseland (in engl. "rabbit´s country") is an idea, not a terretory, situated inbetween the technoid cities of europe; meetingplace, meltingpot for the friends of the electronic dancefloor. Disparate groups, ideas, skills and interests meet here to carry on working for the vision of an autnomous dance culture.

The market changes fast but in the end all thart counts is togetherness, common extasy. Is it encoded into the electronic music lop as its DNA. And you don´t need to tell it every day: music from haseland works.

Label members: Thompson & Kuhl Lars Wickinger Coss & Stiggsen Goldfish & Der Dulz Anders Wasserfall Audio Punx Doppel Gänger Schubotter.