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Harthouse is a German record label specializing in techno music; during the early 1990s it was one of the biggest labels in the "techno-trance" scene that was the precursor to modern trance music.
The label has been responsible for many success stories in the electronic world including Oliver Lieb, Eternal Basement, Hardfloor, Sven Väth and Koxbox.
The company was founded by Sven Väth in the early 1990s as a sublabel of Eye Q Records with the divisions Harthouse Frankfurt, Harthouse UK and Harthouse America. With more than 100 releases Harthouse Frankfurt was the most successful and a great influence on the Sound of Frankfurt. Harthouse took on the techno trend and explored the darker, more pulsating flavors of this music, soon becoming one of the front-figures of European techno. Like Väth, the Harthouse artists soon chose a more intellectual approach to music compared to some of the more rave- and party-oriented electronic music at that time. Tracks were long and abstract, with unpredictable hythms and strange "alien" sounds.
Harthouse CDs, like the vinyl records, came in a subtle glossed cardboard casing printed with color variations of the same dark, monochromatic science fiction themes, much in style with the music itself. Each publication sported a cryptic name.

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