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Harmless Records is a Demon Music Group label (a BBC Worldwide company) based in London and established back in 2003.
For over 10 years now Harmless Records has released countless compilations ranging from soul, funk and breaks through to the more modern sounds of drum & bass, dubstep and house. Harmless continues to work with some of the finest DJ’s and producers the UK, Europe and the world has to offer for it’s broad range of compilations.

Harmless is the home to sub-labels including Backbeats, Disco Discharge and Disco Recharge.

Along with compilations of collectable jazz, funk, breaks and disco, Harmless also releases compilations by MAW, Murk, Roger Sanchez and Kerri Chandler.

In 2009 four double CD's were released by Harmless Records in a new series called Disco Discharge. These releases were really something else and a great start for what was more to come... And in early 2010 we got 4 new double CD's in the series... Each release includes around 20 quality Disco tracks and each CD is focusing on a specific genre or style. They all include a mix or more and lesser known Disco gems, but doesn't include all the tracks you find on most other Disco compilations - something that makes the Disco Discharge releases attractive to both aficionados and general Disco lovers.

Associated with the company Harmless Recordings.

Sublabels: Backbeats, Disco Discharge, Disco Recharge, Life:Styles, Mixology, Pulp Fusion.

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6 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 6.