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Hardsoul Pressings is a independent record label run by Roog & Greg van Bueren. The label was created as a platform to showcase their musical creativity. With the strength of the Hardsoul brand growing and growing, the boys decided on their own label that would give them complete creative control on its output.

The label was initally born in 2000, while the brothers were still signed to Dutch label United. They had two releases that year; Hardsoul feat. Rose – 'All Night Long' and Hardsoul feat. The Soulhustlers – 'Never Gonna Stop'. Unfortunately the world wasn’t ready for soulful house from Holland at the time and the brothers were forced to put the label on hold and hole up in the studio. How things have changed!

Hardsoul was firmly established as a solid production team in the international house scene in 2004. When Brian Tappert of Soulfuric Distribution asked the boys if they were interested in doing a label under their umbrella, everything came together. Consequently, the label was relaunched and the rest is history!

Hardsoul Pressing concentrates primarily on vinyl releases and CD compilations. DJ Roog presents Hardsoul; The Sound of Love and Dedication Part 2 was the very first compilation release. The album was Holland's highest selling house compilation of 2004.

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Greg van Bueren and Firebeatz Zunga Zunga

Greg van Bueren and Firebeatz

Zunga Zunga

VÖ-Datum: 25.10.2010
Label: hardsoul pressings
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17 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 15.    Seiten: 1 2