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Hardline Rekordinkz represents the Australian heavy drum & bass label run by Australian producer, Paulblackout.

The label was created in 1998 and formerly run as a hardcore/speedcore label by Max Veritech (aka. Animal Intelligence) until it was turned over in November 2003 to Paulblackout who chose to change the music from dark and dirty hardcore, to dark and dirty Drum’n’Bass. As a result, all future releases on this label will be drum & bass related.

The philosophy is simple. Release heavy drum n bass tracks that are a little bit left of centre, and promoting newer artists. Hardline is a label for those who like their drum n bass heavier, darker, dirtier and hopefully a bit original.

Hardline: Yellow, the sub-label was to be the folder for any future hardcore/gabber releases, but has not seen new releases since.

Sublabels: Hardline: Yellow Label, S.O.F.T., Softline Wakordingz.

Hardline Rekordinkz includes in its back catalogue a variety of releases coming up from acts such as: Animal Intelligence, Skullblower, Acid Enema, Dr. Strange, Cdatakill, Bioxeed, Medium, Paul Blackout, Forbidden Society, Leepshec, Speakerwrath, amongst many others.

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Paul Blackout Indirectly Out Of Ashfield

Paul Blackout

Indirectly Out Of Ashfield

VÖ-Datum: 04.02.2014
Label: hardline
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