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Hardland Records Official



Hardland was born after a small dispute at a EDM forum in which they disliked Hardstyle music because of its aggressiveness. After this incident, Founder and Creator, Digiproverz gathered a small group of hardstyle producers and decided to create his own Hard Dance Music forum. The concept of bringing together amateur producers to grow together as a family was Digiproverz main focus.
The forum began to prosper and Digiproverz needed help to take care of the community , he needed henchmen; Basstechnologies and Alpha Detox. These two men quickly became Hardland Community leaders and managed to control the various sectors of the community on a more effective way.

Promoting amateur producers became our number one goal, and we decided to create the first ever monthly podcast on which we exclusively feature the members of the Hardland Forum. The Hardland Radio Show was born.

Due to the imminent growth of Hardland, leaders: Digiproverz, Basstechnologies, and Alpha Detox decided to create a small Record Label (Brand) to create an identity on those amateur producers who cannot opt for a professional record label. The initiative of promoting amateur producers became one of our main goals, Hardland Records, was created.