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hardcore masif



Hardcore Masif represents the Australian owned and managed electronic dance music label from Sydney, Australia and managed by Australian producer James T. Stanhope

The Hardcore Masif was born in 2007. Technikore, Steve Hill, Weaver & Suae made huge inroads appearing on a number of Ministry Of Sound (UK) compilations that and in subsequent years.

In 2008, Masif released their first Hardcore compilation which was mixed by Scott Brown, Kevin Energy vs Sharkey and Weaver. The 3CD sold exceptionally well and another edition is planned in 2011 with a lineup to be confirmed shortly.

In 2010, the Hardcore Masif took a monthly residency at Sydney's only Hard Dance superclub, Masif Saturdays at Space. Since then the crew has grown to include the likes of JTS, Suae and Haze with more artists being added to the label in 2011.

Australia's own Hardcore label that is 100% Happy Hardcore. Hosting the second arena at Masif Saturdays in Sydney every month, the Hardcore Masif are commited to pushing and partying to the sound they love! Come join us on the dancefloor or enjoy our tunes!

If you like your Happy Hardcore...you'll love the Hardcore Masif!