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Groovear Records represents the Buenos Aires, Argentina based independent music label launched in 2005 and run by Leonel Castillo.

An icon and at the same time virtually unknown, Castillo is one of the most prominent Latin American talents. Dj and Producer, Leonel released music under many aliases and styles from Dubtechno to Deep House.

Surfacing wherever it takes the vanguard talent, he's been releasing music as Leonel Castillo and under various monikers - Arnold Slab, Boeing, Color Harmony, Myusyq, Pocket or Unknown Artista are some of his aliases - on labels as Telegraph, Ilian Tape, Airdrop, Greener, Sushitech and of course on his own imprint, Groovear.

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Leonel Castillo Grv03

Leonel Castillo


VÖ-Datum: 19.05.2014
Label: groovear records
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