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Grey Report



Grey Report represents the East Spain based music label established at the end of 2012 and run by Adriana Lopez.

Adriana Lopez’s ‘Grey Report’ debuted with a 12” release featuring two tracks from herself, backed by two belting remixes from Stockholm LTD affiliate, Jeroen Search. The second in the series follows a fairly similar format, consisting of two tracks from Lopez, and two from Modularz chieftan, Developer.

In "GR1" the Spanish act gives a harder twist to the Basic Channel legacy with billowing synth patterns and "GR2" edges closer to mean techno textures. On the B-side the floor is taken over by Lopez's "A Secret Behaviour", running on a stringent and fat synth loop and passing the baton to another rough workout "Indicie". Proper tools for crowd control and a life-enhancing experience on the Grey Report label.

Opening with the sinister drive of ‘Let It Be Said’, Developer grounds the EP with cement-like foundations, that hold no reservations for beefy and bold dynamics. Similarly, ‘Madre’ keeps the production crunchy and dense, but this time with a somewhat airy and melodic progression atop the mix.

Instead of pretentious statements about delivering mysterious and timeless techno, NX1 and Adriana Lopez just give simple instructions: Move your a**. The label of the Colombian-born Barcelona resident Adriana Lopez reports for the third time, presenting a split release by Lopez herself and Samot & Surit aka NX1 from Barcelona.

Colombia-born, Barcelona-based techno DJ, producer and sound technician Adriana Lopez's career dates back to the late 1990s. After appearing at different venues in Colombia and holding a 2 year residency at BarC Club, the only 100% techno club in Bogota at the time, Adriana moved to Spain in 2002.

In 2012, Adriana launched her own label Grey Report and she continues to prove that she's one of the South American techno artists with the biggest international projection.

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