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graphic records



Graphic Records represents the Italian based music label launched in 2011 and run by Lorenzo D’Ianni.

Lorenzo D'Ianni was born in Rome March 22nd and approaches the music's world since he was a child, listening to many dance music compilations.

In 2003 he meets the DJ's scenario and falls in love with it. As a result he starts playing in small roman clubs and decides to begin his own productions. In first place he tends to produce Electro House music, but then evolves into Techno and Minimal, discovering in these genres his real passion.

In 2009 he starts sending out his tracks to recording lables and reaches his first success with "Galaxy" [Frequenza Records] and "Pusher" [Italo Business Records].

In 2010 he is in Umek's BMA Chart and 12 of his tracks are on Beatport Minimal and Techno chart. Always in 2010 he decides to focus on Techno music leaving aside the minimal experience.

In 2011 his first ALBUM arrives with the name of "Fashion Italy" (7 original tracks + 1 remix) on Italo Business Records and at the same time he has his first success on Umek's label [1605] with his track "Blow Away".

While all of this was happening, Lorenzo, starts to work on his Vinyl Label called Graphic.

We will see his first Vinyl on "Graphic" June 2012.