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Gobsmacked Records is a cornerstore record label of the European Techno Scene, a platform for purveyors of dark, dirty and industrian techno on vinyl, digital and cd since 2007. The famous imprint is run by Diarmaid O Meara, luke creed & Millhouse and is situated both in Dublin and Berlin. Firmly planting himself in a front seat in the international Techno scene, be it through critically successful and supported tracks, complicated and intense three turnable performances, or his far reaching Gobsmacked brand and label...the Irish three deck techno peddler, Diarmaid O Meara, is a name that has quite rightly been etched into the minds of a sizeable and ever growing chunk of Europe's even more sizeable and ever growing Techno cult.

The legendary imprint, Gobsmacked Records is one of the backbones of the modern techno scene, releasing filthy beats from a huge variety of artists. Since its establishment, the Irish label had build up a reputation that is going to remain in history. The year 2010 was a fabulous time for the techno master, Diarmaid O'Meara and his label, with no less than thirty track releases, a truly explosion on the techno music scene. The new Gobsmacked Podcast series had guested some of the worlds top techno shows, and of course, the release of his awesome ''Structured Noise'' album. The following year, 2011, was an evem crazier and busier one as Gobsmacked had celebrated its 100th releases, containing loads of remixes (including Space Djz Ak47), as well as a new mastering service.

Gobsmacked Records is the home for artists like : Danny Vibe, Go!diva, albert kraner, A Brothers, Champa Moore, BrettHit, Clutch Slip, Jeff Only, Loso, mike humphries, Michael Lasch, josh love, Luke Creed, Millhouse, Diamaid O Meara, Patrick DSP, Oris, Myler, Ross Alexander, Space Djz, Sebastian Groth, Sceptical C, Urban Ohmz, Vegim, Tachini, Will Kinsella, amongst many others.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.