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global airbeatz



Global Airbeatz is a german independent music label launched in 2009, owned by DJ Golllum, and it's parent label is none other than the famous Cuepont Records, which is a Hardtrance - label that was created in 2006, located in Hamburg and managed by Ralf Oliver Müller, aka Rom, and jan wayne.

DJ Gollum, or by his real name, Lars Böge, is a DJ and music producer in the area of the commercial electronic dance music, active in this business since 1993, when he teamed up with DJ Hunter in a village party, and from that moment on, the succeed never stop increasing, become every year more and more famous and requested to play at parties.

Global Airbeatz is the recording store more for for Hands Up, Dance, Electro and cool Clubstuff!

Sister labels : Cuedance, deutsche dance records, Gut Records, L.M.E Records, spin that records.

Artists on this label : DJ Gollum, Akustikrausch, DJ Felixx, Empyre One, jan van bass-10, Frank Raven Langenhagen, Scarlet, and many more to come.