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Giegling represents the Electronic music label based in Weimar, Germany where the team manufacture & design their own limited covers for each release. As much as it’s a labour of love, Giegling’s individual sleeve designs have proved an arduous task, and on occasions impinged on the label’s seasonally-inclined release schedule. The german imprint is run by Konstantin and Dj Dustin.

Since 2009 Weimar-based label Giegling has constructed a micro-assembly of orchestral kinetics and thunderhead techno that’s forging new pathways through a forgotten wasteland of minimal decay and lost dub.

After four years Giegling is now up to its 13th release. Konstantin and production partner Rafael make up Kettenkarussell and their emotionally charged thicket of adventurous minimalism that was the label’s first EP - I Believe You & Me Make Love Forever - set the tone for Giegling.
If there are two brands of electronic music to receive most criticism, it’s micro house and dub techno. But Giegling has succeeded in simultaneously lifting both genres to new heights of appreciation. One of the bigger proponents of micro house is Perlon, and for Konstantin, "they really hit the point in the way they present themselves, the way they don’t promo and their music stands for itself," he says. Giegling shares many parallels with Perlon, be it sonics, a provincialism from Berlin and a tight-knit family, but they have steered their brand of minimalism left in the fork in the road, where Perlon have gone right.

The first artists outside of the Giegling family to release on the label found a home on Futur II, a celebratory album spread across three 12"s to commemorate the label’s tenth record. It featured tracks from all of Giegling’s artists, but also handed label debuts to familiar names such as Ferdinand, Monkey Maffia, Sebastian Peter and Jaq whilst introducing new artists such as Leafar Legov and Stroboyouth.

Futur II was the second long player from the label following Doppelgänger from Session Victim’s Matthias Reiling, yet it has so far been the most expressive and momentous release from Giegling, representing both their past and future. This tenth release represents as much a milestone as it does a turning of a corner, with Giegling deciding to scale down the operation behind creating its homespun record sleeves, each of which pass through the hands of Konstantin and Dj Dustin.

The label is no stranger to assembly, building stages and installations at the Fusion and Ø festivals in Germany, as well as others in Amsterdam and at home in Weimar. Earlier this year, Giegling’s intertwining relationship with (de)constructive design and music surfaced in Paris, holding their biggest label showcase since those undocumented Weimar parties. Kettenkarussell, Dj Dustin, Vril, Prince Of Denmark (aka Traumprinz) and Ateq were all present.

*** To see more Giegling's releases, please visit the label named simply ''Giegling''.