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giant wheel



Giant Wheel represents the German label based in Bremen, established in 2000 by Clemens Neufeld and managed by Jan Langer.

Clemens Neufeld is an Austrian House and Techno Pioneer who lives and works in Vienna. He is also a Producer, Remixer, Audio Engineer, Film Music Composer, Labelwoner, DJ. Founder of Vienna's first Techno Club "Space Jungle" in 1991. Head of Fön and Giant Wheel records.

Parent Label: Plantage 13.

Giant Wheel is the home for a variety of artists, just to name a few: Clemens Neufeld, The Milano Brothers, Ils Gold, Metal Blade, H-Man, John Dahlbäck, Hotz'n'Plotz, DJ Apollo, Pascal Vert, Rodriguez Jr, Paul Nazca, amongst many others.