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get wipped! records



Get Whipped! Records is the new music label from international artist Wippenberg.

February 2011 sees Wippenberg – the man who put the House back into progressive and drove the Tech back into techno - join forces with Be Yourself Music for a new imprint design. Get Wipped! Records will be bringing you more music (much more!) from the man who created tracks like the Eric Prydz smashed ‘Chakalaka’ and S.H.M. championed ‘Pong’….

“This label is about taking down barriers”, Olaf ‘Wippenberg’ Dieckmann said when announcing its launch. “My approach to making music has always been straightforward: find the sounds that work well together and build original tracks that hard-rock dancefloors out of them … The type/style that comes out at the end of that process may be house, tech-house, trance, progressive house, techno… or very likely some fine point in between. My mission with the label is to produce innovative, genre-free music. Get Wipped! is going to bring something different to the EDM scene – its dance music deregulated!”

What’s in the Get Wipped! name then? The label’s handle sprung inadvertently from Olaf’s UK fans who began greeting him off stage with comments like: "Man, you whipped it out there!” and posting message on forums like “Wippenberg whipped it last night!!". Olaf liked the sound of that and thus Get Wipped! is born… and you shall be!

On adding Wippenberg’s new label to the Be Yourself group roster, owner Dick de Groot said: “Wippenberg has evolved to an incredible degree over his career AND has played a central part in future-proofing High Contrast Recordings advanced musical direction. I’m delighted that he’s decided to launch the label through us - I see great things ahead for it!”

Get Wipped’s debut release will be ‘Phoenix’, which lashes together beefy kicks, piano organ lines, looping female vocal shouts and elite synthesized stabbery and pressure-cooks them into another Wippenberg club conquester.

‘Phoenix’ has risen on the 21st of February 2011 and at that point the time will have come to… Get Wipped!