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Gamma Audio



Gamma Audio Recordings is a UK/IT label focusing on Bass music from artists across the globe and is owned and managed by Killeralien, Mouch and Ak0pian.

KIlleralien was born in Italy and currently living in London UK. He represents an entity that push Dark filled dubstep sound with a funk injection. Owner of Gamma Audio UK, also also currently working also on a side Project under alias "Plantana Art" for more experimental bass music

Gamma Audio specialize in deep moody electronic/edm music including the genres of dubstep, dnb, bass/experimental and 2step sound . Artist signed from all over the globe pushing a particular sound that has taken the dubstep/ edm world by surprise.

Since 2009 Gamma have released various EP"s & LP"s and this year is no exception.
Gamma Audios first vinyl release was out in December 2009 featuring a sinister, teched out roller from Droid Srctor and funky dancefloor vibes from label bosses Killeralien & Phonetic System on the flip.

Gamma Audio presents in its back catalogue releases from artists like Killeralien, Mouch, Ak0pian, Phonetic System, B1tcrunch3r, Press, Tzr, Section 8, Dubtek, HxdB, Dj Met, Snep, Qadafee, Disprove, Hellfire Machina, 3rd Eye, TKR, Maurs, Choke, De Niro, Roughquest, Promise One, Eggchan, BunZero, Gravity, and many others.