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Gamerness Music



Gamerness Music is a independent record label from Spain. It's specialize in a quality of House music. It was founded by Gamero Brown in 2012.

Our catalog contains different kind of music in the slope of House. Whether you listen our track of our catalog, you can not identify what style you are listening. The tracks can be the different kind of House style like mixed Tech and Funky or electro-progressive more powerful.

In Gamerness Music does not dedicated to make what is already invented. Day by day, we try to investigate and innovate new sounds to make the difference in our music.

Gamerness Music promotes your tracks across radio station, social networks, newsletter, radio shows...

Our labels are: Gamerness Music, Gamerness Music (Special Edition) & Typical Spanish

If you are a producer and you want to publish your work, you can send us your demo a: demos@gammernessmusic.com

Warning: Do not accept demos that they are not finished, mastered, and with least two minutes in mp3 and 320 kbps. You can send them attached in the mail or from your Soundcloud link

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