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G-Stone is the label owned by the austrian downbeat-legends Kruder & Dorfmeister. Mostly the releases cover smooth dub, downbeat and trip-hop stuff, but on the other hand with their new signing Stereotyp they are getting a bit more faster and electronical and are also releasing the hip-hop debut-album from the famous austrian DJ DSL.

In 1993 they released the 4-track EP G-Stoned featuring the hypnotic "High Noon" and a cover mimicking Simon & Garfunkel to critical acclaim especially from the UK. Gilles Peterson played the track at first on his famous now called Worldwide-show.

2010 saw the 16th anniversary of Kruder & Dorfmeister and their record label G-Stone Recordings which resulted in the release of the "Sixteen F**kin Years Of G-Stone Recordings" compilation and the development of the "K&D Sessions Live" show. The show included visuals by long time G-Stone VJ collaborator Fritz Fitzke and MC performances by Earl Zinger and MC Ras T-Weed. With performances at The Big Chill, Berlin Festival and numerous other high profile festivals, the "K&D Sessions Live" show became an instant success and a world tour ensued

Any self-respecting label with a forward-thinking brain cell in its head is usually loath to look back, and G-Stone, the downtempo label par excellence during the '90s and 2000s, is no different. With its heyday in the pre-millennium era, but innovative sounds throughout, they take a tentative step toward anthologizing the past with this two-disc set, although all bets are hedged with a first disc that includes all new tracks. It's a very smooth ride, however, with all-timers like Tosca, Peace Orchestra, and Kruder & Dorfmeister themselves contributing to a varied mix -- whether downbeat or techno, vocal-led or instrumental, the basslines are beefy and the effects are spartan.

The second disc has the landmarks, although the majority are from the late 2000s, when the label continued putting out some of the best in groove-laden electronic club music, including upstarts like Voom:Voom (which included Roland Appel of Fauna Flash and Trüby Trio, plus Peter Kruder). ~ John Bush, Rovi

G-Stone to the bone – a feeling like being under the influence of a soft drug that induces a lasting and clear-headed euphoria, a vaccine against the soulless musical trash and plain angsty or merely hysterical laptop-pop and meaninglessness that so often dominates the hype machine. Like a poem that speaks of time, time unlimited, time undefined.
Sublabel: Dub Club.

Artists: Kruder & Dorfmeister, Tosca, Voom:Voom, Rodney Hunter, Makossa & Megablast, Urbs, DJ DSL, Sugar B, DKAY, Marsmobil, Christian Prommer, Tosca, Peace Orchestra, Rodney Hunter, Stereotyp, DJ DSL, The Funky Lowlives, and tens of others.

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