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Fxhe represents the US Detroit House label launched back in 2003 by Alex O. Smith.

Born and raised in the Motor City, Alex Omar Smith has been releasing some of the finest techno to come out of Detroit since the demise of Drexciya in 2002.
Following in the footsteps of Detroit producers like Carl Craig, Jeff Mills, Derrick May, and Theo Parrish, Omar-S started his own label and has put out all his music, save for 2009′s Fabric Mix, on his FXHE imprint. Itís a DIY label dedicated to staying underground and keeping record prices cheap. Omarís sound is dirty, minimal, and melodic all at once, and he mixes techno, dub, disco, and house together to fantastic effect.

Detroit's Omar-S emerged in 2003 as an underground techno/house maverick, releasing rigidly funky productions, made with analog gear, on his FXHE label. Though his 12″ releases were pressed in small quantities with handwritten labels (and with run-out etchings like "Techno music is my heritage ó techno is not dead DAMN IT!" and "Thanks toRick Wilhite ó I know I get on your nerves"), it wasn't long before his releases reached specialty shops in the U.K. and Germany.

Though he was building a cult following and was often placed by writers within the same context as fellow Detroit natives Moodymann and Theo Parrish, it wasn't until 2009 that he truly strayed from his low-profile, self-sufficient mode. Parrish's Sound Signature label released his "Blown Valvetrane" 12″, and shortly after that, Smith provided the 45th mix for London club Fabric's self-named mix series. The majority of Smith's output was released on vinyl, but he also has full-length CD titles to his credit, including 2004′s Collaborating (billed as Oasis, co-produced by Smith and the possibly nonexistent Shadow Ray) and 2005′s Just Ask the Lonely. The latter was reissued on FXHE in 2009.

First 4-tracker compilation from detroit label FXHE with a hypnotic disco-loop groover by main man OMAR S and more Detroit jewels by DJ SNOTBURGER, JUS-ED and YOUNG SETH aka none other than Seth Troxler on his first release!

Following a few unsuccessful label approaches in the early 2000s, Omar decided to bypass the industry altogether and do his own thing, under the guise of FXHE records. The label embodies Omar's independent stance- its first releases were pressed at Archer, a facility less than half a mile away from his house, and Omar spent hours at a time stamping records and hand-writing release notes with the same markers he used to certify parts at the Ford factory. The early FXHE EPs didn't mess around sensationalist titles either, and were simply numbered 001, 002 and so on. Using just hardware, Omar he blended together a few minimal elements to great effect, hanging together handclaps and moody synths to form an unmistakably raw but artfully-arranged sound, and the name Omar-S quickly went worldwide, with one-side singles and white labels filtering out across the US and Europe.

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omar s ep #2 (Repress)

omar s

ep #2 (Repress)

VÖ-Datum: 14.02.2014
Label: fxhe records
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