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Future Scope Recordings



Future Scope Recordings is a Brazilian label created by Nuta Ozi Cookier, to bring the best quality of electronic music. House, techno, trance all styles of e-music.

The first release from Future Scope Recordings was called ''Begin EP'', a 4 great techno tracks from Nuta Cookier, and two great remix one from Axel Karakasis and another from Marco Bailey & Tom hades. Maschine Groove get in the top 42 Techno charts from Beatport.

After he begin to electronic music as a deejay, Nuta never stop the contact with music beside the electronic music he intensify the studies in the piano. So he become to produce his own music's as a producer on his own label, Future Scope Recordings.

Play's in the best party's in Brasil , Sokl Beats, Spirit of London,Rolezinhos, and many more. Nuta play in Mondo Paradiso in Spain, and in Caprice Festival in Switzerland.
He also organized the first Privilige Ibiza World Tour Party in Brazil , in Sao Paulo and Curitiba and also was the resident dj.

His Music Maschine Groove with remixes from ( Marco Bailey & Tom Hades ) . Get in the top 42 techno charts from beatport.
He stay 5 years resident from the best electronic music radio in Brazil ,Clubtronic from 97,7 fm. Nuta create he is own tv show for electronic music and he is the host , the Tv show Fullmix is more them 8 years on air.

Future Scope Recordigs release artists such ass: Nuta Cookier, Tayan, Marco Bailey, Tom Hades, Axel Karakasis, Dj Mattiello, Mr Gil, L1 , Slop and many more.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.