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Fumakilla Records represents the Techno/Houselabel, founded in 2000 by Woody, based in Berlin, Germany.

Woody is the original sonic funkateer whose life is completely focused on music and his very own definition of FUNK. He’s a genuine kind of a guy, needing nothing more than two turntables, a mixer and an audience to know he’s alive. For him DJing and making music is not just a job, it's his destiny. Rewind back to the mid-80's when Woody started off in Munich's graffiti and breakdance scene.

Woody's star rose to unbelievable heights as he completely controlled the crowd. His music brought this remarkable venue to life and his cross-pollenation style from deep pumping techno & smokin` house to electrofunk and several oldschool classics was a blueprint for numerous DJs who heard and saw Woody play.

On his home patch, Woody always likes to run his own club nights where the guest program is decided by him, as well as supervising the visual aspect, which is an important element of the nightlife experience: perfect music and special visuals! His earlier residency in Berlin was his monthly “Klub Berlin”, where he already invited international guests.

Woody is also the man behind the extremely successful Fumakilla Label which he launched in 2000 after he finished the production of his first tracks. Its aim is to become a homebase for lots of upcoming producers and the definition of modern clubfunk.

His first album “Selected Works 2002-2006” released 2008 is deep and a good balance between old and new school. There you can find fresh and modern sounds but also a retrospection of his work. His production combines quality undergroud music with a strong international appeal and the potential to attract a bigger audience.

You can hear the influences of Chicago Jack-House, Detroit Techno and his B-Boy definition of sound. In every single track you can trace Woody’s talent for minimal changes in the melody which catch just about every crowd. If you need to give it a name, file under FUMAKILLA FUNK.

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dose she loves me hard


she loves me hard

VÖ-Datum: 16.12.2012
Label: fumakilla
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