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Frontline Records represents the Drum'n'bass label formed by Pascal in 1994, his second venture into labels after splitting from Sponge and their label, Face Records.

Like countless other producers in the genre, Pascal's involvement in drum and bass came through a love of hip-hop. From breaking to electro and honing his DJ technique through following Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff, he went on to lay down his own material onto a four track through cutting records on a pair of turntables.

Although he had been dismissive of acid house, a close friend introduced him to the rave scene in the early nineties - drawn in by the hip-hop samples and influences, which had crept into the music over time. From DJing he became involved in production; following the white label 'Fubar EP' with a couple of singles as Bad Influence before eventually hooking up with Sponge to form Face Records in 1992.

His first solo outing acted as testament to his skills as a producer, 'Johnny Jungle' going on to be remixed countless times and a record heavily influential to the 'dark' period which came to dominate the music of the time with its unforgiving sounds, technical percussives and horror film aesthetic. A series of singles led to 'The Face of the Future' album featuring artists as diverse as Goldie and Alex Reece with tracks for Suburban Base raising his profile still further with 'Flammable', 'Killa Sound' and 'Move On' still sought after today.

Two years later saw an amicable split, Sponge going on to work with Marvellous Cain at IQ and Pascal establishing his own Frontline imprint. The label was a runaway success, releasing its 50th record in the summer of 2000 and with a back catalogue which boasts countless hits - 'P-Funk Era', '6 Million Ways' and 'It's Like That' amongst them.
Frontline Records is home to over 100 recording artists. It became an important label in the development of the Drum’n Bass alternative music scene. Their roster included acts like: Kay-9ine, Rude Bwoy Monty, Hardware, Pascal, P-Funk, Avenger, Ganja Cru, Terminal Outkats, Zenith, Militant Minds, DJ Zinc, Aura, Dope Skillz, Cyberbad, Chemical Agents, amongst many others.

Sublabel: Frontline Studios.