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Frisbee Tracks was founded in autumn 1997 by Klaus Löschner aka Good Groove to finally realize his own ideas.

DJ Good Groove has dedicated his life to just that in order to keep the party people's feet moving for the last 20 years. Good Groove started his DJ career in the heydays of the early Munich techno scene alongside later famous DJs such as Hell, Sven Väth or Westbam. In the early 90s he got into producing as well and moved to Frankfurt to work as A&R for Sven Väth's legendary labels Eye Q and Harthouse.

In 1992, DJ Good Groove produced his first 12", Impact - "Keep Me Going On", which was released on the Belgian KK Records label. Together with Tommi Eckart (meanwhile better known as one half of "2raumwohnung") he conceived the first release by Pulse - "Outlaw" for Harthouse. In 1994 the timeless album, "Surface Tensions" followed. During this time, he also released his next solo singles, "Drummatic Tales Vol. 1 + 2" as well as "Jungle" with Klaus Kotai (all on Disko B) and "Das Rennen" and "Rota" with 3 Phase for Tresor Records.

In late 1997, Good Groove finally decided it was time to launch his own label; Frisbee Tracks is famous for its continually high-quality output of all kinds of driving, club-oriented grooves, ranging from Idle-tech and Electro-tech to Jet-tech: Monika Kruse, Patrick Lindsey, Vanguard, Paul Brschitsch, Roland Casper, Ricardo Villalobos, of course Good Groove himself and many more stand for personalized Techno design, influenced and impregnated with Minimalism, House and Techno.

The first Frisbee label compilation, "Airborn" was released in September 1998 for the launch of the premiere label tour, compiled and mixed by DJ Good Groove. Meanwhile followed by "Departure" and "Cruising Level". ”Mach 1” mixed by Roland Casper, each a selection of the highlight Frisbee tracks from the last 12 months, set the standard for future productions. "Rare & Funky", DJ Good Groove's first mix CD, builds a bridge to his Munich club initiation. With it, the label boss creates a monument in strobelights to his all-time favorites - like for good friends, who accompany you through your entire life.

The 5th anniversary of Frisbee has been reason enough to re-release PULSE "Cariño" whose"Fourvoice Mix" (by Good Groove and Tommi Eckart in 1994) has achieved cult state why artists such as Pascal F.E.O.S., Paul Brtschitsch and Michael Kohlbecker (Eternal Basement) wanted absolutely to contribute their reworks to this 50th release (FT 050 – 11/02).

The biggest success so far on the Frisbee imprint had Vanguard with *Flash* (FT 048), peaking #3 of the german dance charts (DDC), hitting the official german sales charts on #17 and the U.K. sales charts on #15 thereafter.

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