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freund der familie



Freund Der Familie was founded by Klaus Rakete and Mirko Hunger in 2006. FDF represents the philosophy as well as the productions from selected artists. Somehow its deep electronic music!

People believe that in the fields of deep research that one is ready to drill to the core of a matter; of course there are also those like Freund der Familie that demonstrate how far you can go. The ability to probe from the surface is in this discipline a remarkable quality.

Behind the "Freund der Familie" (including the house and yard) is Klaus Rakete and the Mirko Hunger, who originally from the most varied genre patronage have drawn their inspiration. Overcome by the musical chemistry of their fellowship, the two decided with a hive-mind ethos to share the benefits with each other. Since 2007 the upkeep of the house and cultivation of the yard has happened at the same address (label & project); this is their priority.

Independent from the prefabricated sound-type, the duo studied both with the label marker and the production process the various methods of the power of deepness. The means for the sonic vividness come from a cosmos of euphoria, spirituality, half-light and melancholic positivity. The characteristic polymorph-concoctions are designed with a cornucopia of deconstructive and fringe elements as gestures of contemplation with a selection of endless echo-craters, massive delays, swinging bass, melodic outlines, tradition-aware creeping rhythms and low-pressure techno deepness.

Anything seems possible in this exploration of genuine music-for-the-heart for both body and soul. The listener/dancer dives into a reality of disembodied music made from organic ornaments, lead through an order of things without limit.

Freund Der Familie is the favourite home for artists like Achim Maerz, Nyra, Freund Der Familie (Klaus Rakete, Mirko Hunger), Phidias, Boytalk, and new others to come.

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