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fresh meat



fresh meat:

Fresh Meat Records is an artist-run label and collaboration started in 2006 between Mazi Namvar (Audio Soul Project) and Nathan Drew Larsen, two producer/DJs who became friends during the second wave of house that ripped through Chicago in the early 1990s. That footprint having left its mark, Fresh Meat Records has become home to producers influenced by the “other side” of Chicago house – the sometimes soulful, sometimes tracky, experimental leaning synthesized dance music of that era. Despite Fresh Meat’s home-spun attitude, the label has produced three mentionable hits including “No One To Care For” by Larsen under House of Black Dress, “Anymore” by Badmouth, and “I Want You” by Wiretappeur.

In 2009 Fresh Meat had 13 releases including two compilation and mix albums and several artists were added to the roster. The label focused on artists like Wiretappeur, Wasted Chicago Youth, Shenoda and Florian Kruse.

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Label: fresh meat
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