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Freizeitglauben Berlin



Freizeitglauben Berlin:

freizeitglauben berlin was founded in 2000 and works as an artistalbel indipendently.
Beside the quality of music has lain to the operating authority Andre Gardeja, however, also very much with a personal respect with the artists. The label and their publications should return the attitude to life of all involved ones. The artist Rooster is not very big, but here one is to the opinion, that in this quick time, where so much record productions like sand to the sea are washed ashore, it is very important to create his own pool for longer time to accompanied ones and thus a basis with all involved artists this attitude to life intently and freely can realise...freizeitglauben just.... !
There are in the musical senses no line, however, also no outbreaks in the publications. The diversity and patience is more different the basis of this continuous work without itself from the rhythm to fall under influence.

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André Gardeja Casa Mundo

André Gardeja

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Label: freizeitglauben berlin
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