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fragile records



Fragile Records represents the italian house music label launched back in 2001 and itís a subdivision of Arsenic Sound.

Sister labels: Blq Records, Bonzai Jumps Italy, Bonzai Records Italy, Dance Pollution , Green Force, Hard Brain, Houzy Records, Iron Sound, Lisergica Records, Nu-Tek Records, Red Alert, Spectra Records, Titanic Jump, Titanic Records, XTC Italy.

Fragile Records has developed in the last years an impressive back catalogue which includes over 100 releases. Itís artists roster contains big acts name such as: Front Row Boyz, DJ Pagano, Karizma, Acapulco, PD Project, Didier Sinclair, Francesco Farfa, Funky Dream Men, Little Exuma, Terminal Beat, Paraiba, amongst many others.