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fool house



Fool House Records represents the Paris based music label founded in 2008 by the team behing the Fluo Kids blog.

Launched in 2005, Fluokids is more than a blog, it's a youth movement - an internet and musical revolution whereby enthusiasts and DJs alike can download the newest and most wanted music coming out of Europe.

By constantly posting remixes, these Gallic laptop maestros are pushing what people will like tomorrow The Parisian crew of seven regularly DJ all over Europe, and by their own admission are "nerds with an ultra-developed social life .(DAZED & CONFUSED)

Fluokids have recently launched a new record label, Fool House, as well as releasing a mix compilation for Scion brand due out this summer.

Fluokids have been seeding out tracks accompanied by pictures of pretty girls on their blog since 2005 and now they have set up their own record label Fool House looking after artists like 33Hz, Mondkopf and Delorean.