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Fokuz Recordings was founded early 1999 by Dreazz and Drum Origin. The interest to start a label was aroused because both guys had realized that it would be very difficult to find an opportunity to release their own music onto the typical UK labels which where around at that time.

Dreazz had been travelling up and down to the UK on a weekly basis, buying and selling records for his shop & import distribution ‘Triple Vision Record Distribution‘. During these travels he started to realize that setting up a his own label would increase his own chances of getting noticed, but it would also be an essential step in setting up a foundation for creating a local drum & bass scene. It would not only allow him to release his own music, but also that of many likeminded producers from Holland and the rest of Europe..

A group of labels was set up to represent all the sounds available at that time. Citrus Recording was to represent the neuro flavoured drum & bass, Piruh covered the hard stuff across the board with early tracks from Black Sun Empire and Hidden & Eye D, whilst Fokuz was supposed to represent the whole musical side of drum & bass.
Artists like Physics, Syncopix, Alix Perez, Greg Packer and Electrosoul System started to come through to the label. With the growth of these artists the label suddenly started to gain interest with a wider audience. Since then a whole new generation of producers, have released music on Fokuz; Bcee, Lomax, Soul Proof, Matt-U, Mindscape, Icicle, Zyon Bass, Hobzee, Brother, Switch, Naibu and many more.

A sublabel ‘Celsius Recordings’ was created. Command Strange, Intelligent Manners, Well Being, Incident and Komatic & Technicolour all joined the crew. For the next few years the label supported anyone who could deliver quality music. It was not about signing the biggest tracks, or being the best label in the world. It was all about giving young and enthusiastic producers a chance to be heard and seen.

In 2012 Fokuz took over Influenza Recordings. Fokuz felt the selection of artists was there and it was time to give each and every artists a chance for more releases, albums and likeminded projects. Hence Influenzas new responsibility was to become what Fokuz has achieved over the years and enable Fokuz to develop the most successful artists that where discovered over the last few years.

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Various Artists Derivatives: Album Sampler Pt.2

Various Artists

Derivatives: Album Sampler Pt.2

VÖ-Datum: 09.03.2018
Label: fokuz recordings
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