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flying circus



Flying Circus is a label project run by Tobias Lampe and Christian Sameluc based in Hamburg, Germany, and launched in 2007. The legendary german DJ, Tobias Lampe is also the founder of "Superstition Records", an historical label created in 1993 together with Marc Chung. Label is inactive since 2003, last releases came out in 02/2004.

The first release on Flying Circus came from Holy Ghost Inc with a classic album. The boss of German label Flying Circus found out what ‘that’ record he fell in love with in a Sven Väth set was… ‘Mad Monks On Zinc’ by Holy Ghost Inc. The 1992 original (included on this re-release), a breakbeaty cut with gated vocals and catchy piano licks (kinda peak-time Future Sound of London), brings you back to the legendary Drum Club (129 BPM). Now fast forward to 2007, two new minimal-ish versions are ready to give a new lease of life to this cult classic. Adultnapper slows things down (123) and turns out a sombre robotic groover whilst Martin Buttrich takes an hypnotic Deep Forest route that’s quite chilled out. Shame the pianos disappeared altogether.

The artists roster from the Flying Circus Records includes acts such as: Cle, Holy Ghost Inc, Ricardo Villalobos, Humate, Energy 52, and new others to join in the close future.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.