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flicker rhythm records



Flicker Rhythm is the home for Techno & Minimal Music founded by the two producers Marcus Crowley & Chris Robin (Strich Acht) established back in 2005

Chris Robin has been interested in music already during his young years, before he generally in it thought sometimes standing before 2 turntables. He spliced his own tapes from the radio to himself in the 80ies and was always addicted to music. Then in 1997 the first Turntables got up in own rehearsal room and the first gigs from the legendary „Wohin Project were fixed. Then he began organised his own parties very successfully. Mixtapes were distributed and thus it came that he can fall back till this day on several success like, ubar@U60311, Ostermarch XXL 2003 or the PopKomm in Cologne.

Chris Robin is a dj always in search of the newest sounds and the border of the musically feasible. With beats from Deep-to Tech-House he play in Berlin club´s like „Morlox, Brunnen70, M.I.K.Z and many more. As a DJ he is on travel a lot and play in clubs of France, Spain and till the Ukraine.

Whether with his own tracks as one half of the duo "Strich Acht" and Chris Robin & Saalbach, he is the founder of the Berlin based label "Flicker Rhythm Music" that exclusively release Tech & Deep House sounds with an artist rooster of 10 artists across europe. The Underground label stands for full of pressure and sound-technically more than persuasive sounding releases with real underground sounds.

The Label will bring promising new acts & productions from the underground directly to the top. After already very promising results for releases by Marc DePulse, Leghau, Audiowomb and Strich Acht,in the near future will see also interantional success from the German label.