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Flavour Records



Flavour Records was born by taste of underground music. Created and based in Paris, the label soaks up the soul of this city through warm grooves, hot rhythms and sweet harmonies.

Promoting local new talents like Gulivert, Rhythm & Soul or Louca, the label will release featured parisian house music artists as Dj W!ld, Chris Carrier or Seuil to name a few, as well as international artists. Focused on the essence of house music, the label will be produced and distributed on vinyl but also on digital support.

Already support by Someone Else, Tsugi Mag, Sossa (Circoloco), Bastien (MultiVitamins/KlingKlong),Chris Lake, S.M.A.L.L, Mirco Violi, Sebastian Wilck (Watergate), Scan Mode (Cadenza Lab), Horatio, Israel Vich (Get Physical) / Sprinkler (Monique Musique ), amongst many others.