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family n.a.m.e.



family n.a.m.e.:
After four editions, the Name Festival has built itself a Huge reputation, a specific musical identity and its own way of partying. After the Name Festival, the Surname parties, here is the Family Name imprint.

Name is made of fidelities and friendships built Among the years. Family Name was logically born with the wish to extend these human and musical affinities.
Family Name gathers godfathers (and godmothers) who built the festival identity, but it's also the promise of new artists and warm dates on the dancefloor.

Family Name releases have been charted by 16 bit lolitas, Ralf Kollmann, Silicone Soul, Ralf Kollmann, DJ T., Deepgroove, Guy J, d'julz, Radio Slave and 46 other DJs.

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