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factor city



Factor City Records represents the spanish music label from Barcelona launched in 2003.

With the objective to create a stable label in their own city, Undo & Vicknoise the two producers and DJ's who have started this project, want to show their music and the music they like : without stylistic frontiers, where quality and taste are the only requirements. And a target : the dance floor!

In 2003, Barcelona's djs Undo & Vicknoise decided to join forces to launch a new project : a stamp that reflected the personality of Barcelona's vibrant electronic scene, without any stylistic barriers , but with a personal style where electronic dance music is tainted with emotion and pop sensibility.

In these ten years Factor City has launched 50 references , including 3 Lps spread between Factor City and the now extinct sub -label Factor City Unlimited.

The artists who formed the core of the seal from the beginning were Lontano , Sistema, daryl, MouseUp, Undo and Vicknoise. Now, are still active, the valencian duo Lontano who prepare a new release for 2014, Sistema, who will be responsible for the next piece and Undo, who captains the label alone with the help of Violant Rué.

A roster of artists over the years has expanded with regular appearances from producers Ryan Davis, Nhar , Luciano Pizzela, Dave Dk , Metope and new additions to the catalog, Robert Calvin or shortly TalkToMe. Other artists have collaborated as remixers like Fairmont, Paul Kalkbrenner, Ellen Alien, The Hacker, Agoria, amogst others.

Ten years with its ups and downs, joys and sorrows that lead us into a 2014 which comes full of hope and new and exciting music that will see the light through our small platform.

Factory City Records wants to thank all the artists who have released with them and especially you, the clubbers, DJs and music fans , for your support over the years. It is what gives sense to everything!