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Exprezoo Records represents the Italian label based in Milan and founded in 2006.

Focused primarily on funky-house, deep-house and techno-deep productions, over the years the label of the “train” has managed to create its own personal sound, capable to revive the classic techno-detroit sound with completely new and unexpected modifications.

Exprezoo Records was born in 2006, initially as a digital / net label. The Italian label, over the years increases its importance, until it gets to be one of the landmarks of the national and international underground scene.

The continuous interchange between techno and house elements and touch of old school are the real trademark beyond the constraints of "sounds" and trends of the market.

During the years Exprezoo has given voice to artists icon of the underground scene, as Agnes, Brendon Moeller, Lemos, Joss Moog, but also it had the merit of throwing young Italian artists, such as Rio Padice, Alexxei N Nig, UES, Quik, Decoside, Roberto Bardini, Okee Ru, without giving up the excellent quality of his recordings, as demonstrated by the increased attention received by the industry average.