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EUROPA Family Music



Europa Records represents the German label founded in 1965 by Andreas E. Beurmann, Wilhelm Wille and David L. Miller, best known for its radioplays, but also has a history for musical releases. The parent company "Miller International Schallplatten GmbH" was acquired by BMG and renamed to BMG Ariola Miller GmbH in 1989. Now the label is part of Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH.

At the end of the 1980s, bad sales figures caused radio play production to slow down. The main reason cited for the declining sales was that children and young people were no longer interested in radio plays, preferring instead to play computer games. At the beginning of 1990s, the two series The three investigators and TKKG were essentially all that Europa produced. However, from end of the 1990s, radio plays have experienced a renaissance. With the rise of the Internet, there has been new interest in the old radio plays, and demand for new productions has also risen strongly. Increased sales of tapes and LPs provided a revenue stream which made a renewed radio play boom possible.

Beginning in 2000, Europa presented the old radio plays under the slogan Rückkehr der Klassiker, which roughly means return of the classical authors. In addition there was a renewed interest in The three investigators, considered the label's flagship product. New series were produced, aimed at young listeners.

In 2006, the series Teufelskicker was produced: an official licensed product of the Football World Cup.

Sublabels: Asterix (2), Commander Perkins, Die Drei ???, Die Hexe Schrumpeldei, Europa Exquisit, Europa Jugend, Europa Jugendserie, Europa Kinderserie, Europa Klassik, EUROPA Logo!, Europa Mini, Faun, Hanni Und Nanni, Hui Buh, Das Schloßgespenst, Im Märchenwald, Masters Of The Universe, TKKG.

Parent Label: Sonyy Music Entertainment Germany GmbH.