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ETX Records



If you guys hear “ETX Records”, Max B Grant is the very first name that crosses your mind. This very popular label already existed ten years ago when it was still kind of “underground”-as most labels are at the beginning. It was the very first Hardstyle label in Switzerland and whose releases were responsible for the ultimate Hardstyle-Boom afterwards; a new generation was born-the harder generation of dance music.

Max decided to make the people aware of his own label and designed winter jackets with the ETX logo on the back; they were sold out faster than they could be ordered. They were a Limited Edition and the ones who got one were definitely a true and big ETX fan.

From year to year, ETX made big progress in the quality of sound. Its releases were getting better and more professional which made the less well-known Dj’s in Switzerland sit up and take notice.

In the year 2008, Max expands the capacity and brought in another name – Daniel Thaler, a swiss producer and composer specialized in electronic music, with many years of experience. Together they continue the successfull story of ETX.

All this shows that ETX is the future of the harder styles in dance music. Its releases promise loads of hot beats and sexy kicks as well as exciting nights full of joy and euphoria.

ETX- the Swiss Hardstyle-Flag of the world!