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Etui Records is a Dresden based record label founded by Oliver Hartmann aka Insect O. in 1998. Since January 2006 he is running the label together with Sören Matschiste. Currently there are some new impulses in and around Dresden, new artists with very interesting sounds. ETUI will support them and incorporate some of them into label work. There's no strong concept about a certain label sound but rather a process of finding more ways to bring emotions down to the dancefloor. So, that's why the label is called ETUI Records. It's just a cover for nice music.

Insect O. is an old hand in Dresden’s electronic music scene. Enthusiastic about the radio show "electronics" on East German radiostation DT64 in the early nineties he started buying records and making music at the age of 14. His Music is melodic, dreamy and also kinda frisky but always with a touch of deepness. Each of his track got an own story to tell but all of them come around with a special arrangement combined with contemporary sounds in a mixture between Dubtechno and Techhouse. The latest remixes for Konrad Küchenmeisters "Moonlight", Echzeit’s "CL 4″ on Melted Recordings and Helly Larson’s "Dubcreators" reflect his love for the deep techno sound. In May 2012 his new EP "Birds Over Hong Kong" will be released as green/black marbled vinyl on Etui Records. With this he shows also a wider range of his artistic pursuit. The tracks "Echoes Of Antarctica" and "Rusty" range from broken beats to electronica sounds to rough techno.
He also shares a big passion for traveling and video filming. New Zealand, Thailand and China are some inspiring places for him, where he shot some awesome video clips for his music.

The label sound is focusing on a deeper side of techno. It´s a process of finding more ways to bring emotions down to the dancefloor. With the new colored and limited vinyl series we are focusing to our musical roots back in the late 90s.

Sublabel for digital releases only: Etui Galaxi.
Sublabels: Etui Galaxi, Etui Podcast. 

Artists such as Insect O., Monomood or Marko Fürstenberg are retracing Detroit Techno and simultaneously transfering Dub Techno into an up-to-date audio frame. Furthermore we bring you some more listening stuff with our new yearly Etui Winter Camp compilation on which also Patrick Zigon, Quantec, Frank Hellmond or Melbourne’s Echo Inspectors joined our camp.