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etage noir special



etage noir special:
Etage Noir Special is a electrohouse label based in Vienna, Austria. It originally was founded in 2007 as a sublabel of the house and grooves label Etage Noir Recordings by the musician and producer Parov Stelar. In late 2009 Stelar handed it over to the two musicans Andy Korg and Aka Tell - known for being 2/3 of the A.G.Trio and for Solo-Projects. Since Then it is run as a independent label. The artist-roster is currently under evaluation and extension. The style will remain focused on electrohouse.
In the first two years ten releases (ENS01-ENS10) were done. Besides Parov Stelars own projects Cash Candy and Cash & Bloom (together with singer Lilja Bloom) the artists Saint Pauli, A.G.Trio, Dirty Disco Youth, Laine and Mike Rigler released on the label. Additionally a lot of remixers were engaged.
After the takeover by Korg and Tell the label will be relaunched and start with a couple of new releases, guided by new artwork and design, in winter 2010.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.