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Essah Entertainment represents the independent music label based in Berlin, founded and run by Kool Savas. The german imprint stands mostly for the owner's releases, but welcomes also new atists to join it.

Savaş Yurderi (born 10 February 1975) also known as Kool Savas (or as well King Kool Savas), is a German rapper and hip hop artist.

Savas started his rap career with the EP Warum rappst du, containing rather provocative lyrics in songs such as "L.M.S.", "Schwule Rapper" and "Pimplegionär". He first started under the name Juks and rapped mostly in English. He became successful through rap group Masters of Rap and one half of hip hop duo Westberlin Maskulin.

Beginning in 2002, he founded his own label, Optik Records, where he released his first solo album titled Der beste Tag meines Lebens, for which he won a Comet award. For the album, Savas worked together with several domestic and foreign musicians including Azad, Samy Deluxe, Kurupt, 40 Glocc, Dem Franchize Boyz, Lumidee, RZA, Moses Pelham, J-Luv, Bligg, Jadakiss, Royce da 5'9", Xavier Naidoo, Mobb Deep, Ying Yang Twins and Illmatic. The album sold over 90,000 copies worldwide.

With his record label, Savas tried to build up other artists. He discovered Eko Fresh and signed many upcoming artists such as DJ Nicon, Melbeatz, Ercandize, Caput, Amar, Sinan and Moe Mitchell.

In 2006, Savas released the label sampler "Optik Takeover", a collaboration with several other artists signed to Optik Records. Also in 2006, he released an album with Optik Schweiz, the Swiss counterpart of Optik Records, titled "Wer Hatz Erfunden".

In July 2008, Savas announced that Optik Records will shut down after the final tour in 2009 due to financial difficulties. In February 2009, Optik Records ceased operations following the last concert in Berlin.

In 2010, Savas founded the label Essah Entertainment. The first album to be released on the new label was "Die John Bello Story 3" on March 12, 2010 which sold roughly 50,000 copies. The album featured fellow rappers Ying Yang Twins, Azad, Curse, Olli Banjo, Ercandize, Moe Mitchell, Amar, Franky Kubrick, Kaas, MoTrip, Sinan, Tua, Vega, Kitty Kat, Laas Unltd. and more.

His 2011 album Aura included a single with the same name and a song featuring Xavier Naidoo, titled LMS 2012. In May 2012, Savas announced a collaborative album with Xavier Naidoo titled Gespaltene Persönlichkeit under the alias "Xavas" scheduled for release in Germany on September 21, 2012. The tracklist was announced in August 2012, containing a total of 15 tracks.

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