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eq recordings



EQ Recordings is the in-house label of the australian company Stomp Entertainment. It was set-up to release dance and electronic products by DJs from all over the planet. Also the well known Balance series is released on this label.

The label logo EQ Recordings can be found on releases since 2005. Earlier releases only wear an EQlogo.

Since 2008 also the copyright refers to the label name EQ Recordings. Older releases list something like "EQ/Stomp Pty Ltd. " as the copyright proprietor.

EQ Recordings, also referred to as EQ / Stomp or just EQ, is the in-house record label which was founded in 2001. They specialize in progressive trance and other dance music.

They have released singles from artists such as Sander Kleinenberg, but are probably most popular for their DJ mixes. They have two sublabels: EQ Recordings and EQ [Grey]. Their Balance series has featured DJs such as Phil K, James Holden, Anthony Pappa, Desyn Masiello and Joris Voorn.

Sublabels: EQ [Grey], EQ [Yellow], Hiddenform, Nurture Recordings.