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Enzyme Records was founded in 2001 by DJ RUFFNECK, owner & manager for one of the biggest Hardcore labels on the planet.Industrial/Mainstream/Experimental. Enzyme Records came to be after Patrick van Kerckhoven decided to lay Gangsta Audiovisuals to rest. Contrary to popular belief Enzyme was not founded by Endymion and Nosferatu but by DJ Ruffneck.

The idea behind making the world believe that he had retired was to give all of his artists an equal chance to develop themselves fully without having to stand in Van Kerckhoven’s shadow. Everyone believed his retirement to be real for at least two years; and some still do to this day. This was also the only option he saw to restart the label and continue it in a new style of hardcore. The move to Enzyme also produced the deliberate death of the ‘artcore’ sound made popular by Ruffneck Records.

Patrick Van Kerckhoven is considered to be one of the founding fathers of the hardcore sound. He is specifically responsible for initiating the creation of a sub genre of hardcore that became known as "Artcore".In lieu of his DJ and Producing successes, van Kerckhoven started his own record label "Ruffneck Records" in 1993. This label released over 250 tracks including several major hits such as "Ruffneck Rules Da Artcore Scene" which even managed to hit the European music charts at number 8!After a brief stint making Drum and Bass music with his label "Ruff-teck", van Kerckhoven continued to craft and create new hardcore sounds.Around 2000 he launched labels "Supreme Intelligence" and "Gangsta Audiovisuals" which concentrated on the newly invented "Darkcore" and "Artcore" styles respectively.

After many ups and downs within the Hardcore scene, he created Enzyme Records in 2001 to make a fresh start. Patrick did all of the work behind the scenes, in order for his roster of artists to grow and gain popularity without having to worry about any of the stigma attached to his earlier projects. Patrick managed to fool the hierarchy of Hardcore and the entire music scene into thinking that he had retired. The truth was that he was busy at work the whole time managing and creating for Enzyme records and it’s many infamous sister labels such as "Enzyme X".Currently Patrick runs several of his own record labels that are prominent in various genres like Hardcore, Hardstyle, Industrial and Hard Techno. These musical elements as well as those that cannot be described are all pieces of the unique puzzle that makes up Patrick Van Kerckhoven and his musical vision.

Enzyme Records can be seen as one of the leading hardcore labels in the world. With original and high quality release they build up a huge fan base all over the world.

Parent Label: Cardiac Music BV.
Sublabels: Enzyme K7, Enzyme VIP, Enzyme X

Famous artists like: Ruffneck, Nosferatu, Ophidian, Synapse , Enzyme X, Triax, Pandorum, Lunatic & Miss Hysteria release exclusively on Enzyme Records

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