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enlightened wax



Enlightened Wax Records represents the Berlin based independent music label launched in2011.

Enlightened Wax is the “solo” label of one of the founders of Restoration and Appointment Records. Marieu, who is one of the creative minds behind projects like Analogue Cops, Third Side, and Ace is the initiator of this strictly “vinyl only” label.

Marieu is a Berlin-based Italian producer, frequent collaborator with fellow countryman Lucretio and co-head of Restoration Records, a reliable outlet for the many collaborative configurations the two work up. Marieu's first solo EP on his new label Enlightened Wax can be an unfriendly, uncompromising affair, doing away with most of the common deep house signifiers and leaving nothing but empty space in their wake. Luscious reverb, soulful vocal SAMPLES, loping percussion—all gone with the wind in Marieu's rigor mortis rhythms.

The music for Enlightened Wax is produced with real hardware machines and analog mixing equipment. Every track is recorded straight to magnetic tape and then pressed exclusively on vinyl.

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Marieu Fair Exchange EP


Fair Exchange EP

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Label: enlightened wax
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