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Founded in 2008 by British trance & progressive DJ / producer Will Holland, Enhanced Music has grown on from strength to strength. In an ideal world, if you looked up the term “quality control,” you would find the picture of Enhanced Music’s logo right underneath it.

Parent company to the mighty Enhanced Recordings, Enhanced Progressive (both labels were set up in 2005), Supercomps, Digital Society Recordings and Air Up There Recordings, Enhanced Music also provides global events and tours – plus artist management with impeccable dedication and commitment.

Prior to 2008, Enhanced Recordings and all of its sub-labels was part of the Monster Tunes record label stable. Enhanced Recordings came together in 2005 with Will Holland and fellow Monster Tunes label honcho Simon Brisk. As time has prevailed on, their home in Leeds, England has moulded and taken care of over 130 releases, multiple compilations and four sub-labels including: Enhanced Progressive, Enhanced Limited, Enhanced Black and Enhanced Digital.

Housing the talent and drilling the craft; this label blends together the multi-dimensional styles and sounds of the trance / progressive world as we know and adore it today. Being able to bring these aural pleasures together without going too off-kilter, nor without going too into themselves via a illegitimate purist attitude, is why Enhanced Music has been able to sustain their depth for so long – and why it is regarded as one of the world’s leading and consistent trance record labels.

Submitting a label roster that is across-the-board with certain stars such as: Estiva, Temple One, Activa, Ferry Tayle, Phillip Alpha, Sindre Eide, Suncatcher, Juventa, Vast Vision, Ost & Meyer, Daniel Kandi, Tiff Lacey, Audien, Norin & Rad, Tritonal and Will Holland himself, we’ll soon have to add these guys into the soon-to-be-patented: “Electronic Dance Music Hall Of Fame.”

Long live Enhanced Music.

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.