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energie in bestform



Energie In Bestform Recordings represents the Munich based music label established back in 2007.

Music. Source of new Energy and inspiration, compounded from individual elements which were placed in Bestform. Or briefly said Energy In Bestform. So now one could assume that every combination of these elements would describe Energy in Bestform, that being every kind of music - Energy In Bestform. No, a crucial factor is still missing - the Groove. But what is Groove? This is exactly where Energie In Bestform Recordings begins! The Groove, that Energie In Bestform shows, doesn't hide behind names, it unfolds its complete strength on the dancefloor! The Energy is passed on to the people, who then move with abandon in a bright flash of lights into Bestform.

The young shoot arose already some years ago in Munich, where the source of the origin was first in form of events, given at their best and with great success! Development, evolution and experience strengthened the way into a new, only from the outside well-known era - its own record label! As objective, the framework was kept narrow, the concept held simple, the attention put on the essential - that certain Groove! Here the circle closes.

This small, but decisive element, which does not minimize itself to a one-track style, but is open for all that the forge of the art of electronic sound brings to daylight, is convincing. Stay curious as to what the future brings!

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Christian Tibor Top Gate

Christian Tibor

Top Gate

VÖ-Datum: 08.12.2017
Label: energie in bestform
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Bavarian Rebels Hupfinger

Bavarian Rebels


VÖ-Datum: 19.06.2017
Label: energie in bestform
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