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Enchufada Record label is the jamboree from a bunch of creative guys, who love to eat, sleep, have fun and on the way to the Milky Way, create new tunes to the world.

The label was first started as a vehicle to release material by Buraka Som Sistema (the band responsible for introducing Angolan ‘kuduro‘ to a whole new audience), however, the past year has seen the label go from strength to strength. 2010 saw Enchufada transformed into a fully fledged imprint, booking agency and a taste maker for fresh sounds from every corner of the globe.

Enchufada is a record label on a mission. Empowered by a highly contagious rhythmic virus incubated at tropical temperatures, they aim to contribute to this unstoppable pandemic that is changing the face of modern electronic dance music by introducing some much needed ethnic and festive flavor into the mix.

From their headquarters in Lisbon, the city where the African, South-American and European continents meet to eat, drink and dance the night away, the Buraka Som Sistema founding members João ‘Branko’ Barbosa and Kalaf Ângelo decided to create a label back in 2004, to act as a dynamic and creative platform from which some of the heaviest records and parties this side of the equator were born. Looking back at the title of Buraka Som Sistema’s 2006 debut EP, ‘From Buraka To The World’, it’s kind of inevitable to take it as a prophecy of sorts.

From helping to usher in a new age of Lusophone electronic music by releasing several records from upcoming Portuguese producers, to challenging international artists and musicians to give their own take on the kuduro phenomenon on the Hard Ass Sessions EP series – which eventually grew and became a full-fledged musical residency in Lisbon’s number one club, Lux – to curating festival stages and incessantly touring the globe, they now urge you to join them on our mission to take this global-ghetto-bass-world-weird-music revolution to every corner of the world, where every night a crowd goes wild is another battle fought and won for the celebration of life.

However, the label is cannot be pigeon-holed as simply a kuduro label. Enchufada has also showcased some surprising and exciting acts such as: Elisa Bee, PAUS, Buraka Som Sistema, Orelha Negra, T.Williams, J-WOW, Branko, Diamond Bass, amongst several others.

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.