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elektrax recordings



Elektrax Recordings was founded in the year of 2001 in Sydney, Australia, by DJ and producer dj hi-shock. The first vinyl release "Nagano Trax vol.1" was pressed and distributed throughout Europe via Soundbase, Germany. The label was then re-started digitally in 2005 with some limited re-releases of still fresh sounding productions from the late 90's and introducing latest material from international talents.

These days Elektrax is 100% digital net label focusing on releasing mainly Deep, Minimalistic, Hard Techno, Progressive House, Trance, Electro Breaks and Psy Tekk.

With releases and remixes from new and established producers such as Zen Paradox, Chrono, DJ Topo, Secret Surfer, Hakker, Sonic Voyagers, FSOM, Psi Room, thomas p. heckmann, and head-honcho DJ Hi-Shock, the label has already built up a solid identity and is gaining support from many top DJs worldwide.

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Oliver Lieb The Prophet Ep

Oliver Lieb

The Prophet Ep

VÖ-Datum: 12.11.2013
Label: elektrax recordings
  • 12" Belgium
    12" Belgium
  • Techno
  • ELEK-REC006
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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.