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Electro City



In May 2005 the passion and commitment for the music forced Haus Klaus and Join Forces to found the series of events "Electro City". With the objective of creating something, that is very special and new, the idea of making an extraordinary event becomes reality. The aim is to combine the various music styles House, Techno, Minimal and Electro and thereby to create musically something completely new. In their friends Jay Preston, Oliver Rives and Thomsen aka Rainer Rhythmus, Haus Klaus and Join Forces find allies and the Electro City family is born. With the artists Match Hoffman, Ron Ractive and Constantin Snyder, the second generation of the family ties get together. For both inventors it's important, that their artists have an open mind about experiment with their music, create creative styles and that they aren't afraid to try something new. At the events the artists, who do more than just everthing to make the party crowd an unforgettable evening. The whole thing is accompanied by always new fancy specials, walking acts and extravagant animations, which already can range through to spectacular indoor Pyroshows. The emphasis here is always on the music. Very exclusive and egocentric club music with dance floor suitability still and all with high quality demands, that is what the ties is expecting to happen. With success! Because meanwhile Electro City has etablished itself to a popular and well attended event, after more than hundred parties in Germany, Austria, Poland, the Swizerland and the Dominican Republic. Electro City also has make it's mark on the hottest clubs of Europe and it is one of the act of the Main Stage Area at the Pioneer ALPHA Festival in Schwerin. In the meantime Electro City has a constantly growing number of fans, which can hardly wait to cross the doors of the next location. No wonder, who don't want to be shoot through the sphere by pushing beats. Well-known artists like Westbam, Sven Väth, Oscar, Lexy K Paul Felix Kröcher, Lützenkirchen, Booka Shade, Tok Tok, Electrixx, Drum Connection, Marusha, Deadmau 5 (and so on) don't want to be left out, to rock on Electro City events. The events has been accompanied by the CD compliations: "Electro City" Vol.1, Vol.2 und Vol.3 (and two own hymns on vinyl), which are already available on the market. Further compilations and a DVD are to follow!

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2 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 2.