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eclipse music



Eclipse Music represents the independent music label based in the North of Italy and launched back in 2007. The team's goal is to produce music and recordings of high artistic quality, innovation and spirit. The label's artists are significate talents who take pride in following their own voice in their music regardless of changes in what is fashionable. Eclipse Music offers timeless music from the upcoming talents of the young generation.

Home to deep beats, dubby techscapes and driving machine music, Eclipse Music is a label devoted in the divulgation of those techno sounds born into the shadow of the mainstream, from here, the metaphoric concept.

Sublabel: Black Sunshine Recordings.

Eclipse Music's artists roster includes collaborations with acts such as: Decoside, Code 0066, Mace, Healing Force Project, Rob.Bardini, Passenger, Edanticonf, Matt Thibideau. Weight And Treble, Atheus, amongst many others.