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Ecletic Beats





That´s our slogan!

Yes, we have a very short history and we are newcomers, but we all must start from somewhere.

Ecletic Beats was created in October 2010 by J.A.Nathis AKA MC Johnny Def, for Special People with a certain groovy and open state of mind.
Our aim´s bring back the feeling from way back in to nowadays.

1st Release will be on JAN 31, 2011.
Our material sounds like ACID, DEEP, CLASSIC and CHICAGO HOUSE with some RETRO FUNK ingredients, but you can also expect some AMBIENT and LOUNGE from time to time.

We'll feature exclusive unreleased tracks from our artists for streaming ONLY at www.ecleticbeats.com and nowhere else!!!(ON LINE JAN 31, 2011)
Those tracks are meant to be released by other labels with a more established situation and wider range of distribution.

For more detailed information, please contact: info@ecleticbeats.com

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MC Johnny Def Problems

MC Johnny Def


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Label: ecletic beats
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